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Country Home Real Estate Guide

by Aimee Wesson & JP Gulbis

Your Essential  Guide To Buying A

Country Home


This guide outlines the basic essentials everyone should know before buying a country home. If you're interested in finding out more about things like getting a mortgage on a rural home, what it takes to maintain a country home and current property prices you should get this guide!

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Why Anyone Thinking About Moving To The Country Should Read This Guide!

The guide is designed by Canadians for Canadians. Covering important information about buying a country or rural home.


11 key things every country home buyer should know before buying a country home. From getting a mortgage to zoning and everything in between.


Easily compare recent property prices from over 200 country homes around the GTA and Golden Horseshoe Area.


Explore your options with different property styles, sizes and features from 10 popular country living regions across Ontario.


The guide is 100% user friendly and easy to navigate making it a breeze to learn more about country living. You can also view it from any device.


With access to the guide you will also get practical (and excellent) access to hands on country home tours, rural living information, annual price reports and much more!

We're Here to Offer Practical and Proven Advice for People Buying and Selling Country Homes & Rural Properties across Ontario.

There are 1000's of reasons why people love living in the countryside.  


It offers a chance to escape from the fast-paced city life to a more tranquil and spacious one. 


The freedom to do what you love - gardening, growing vegetables, homing a ton of pets (from dogs and chickens to goats and horses). It gives you the opportunity to have a better quality of life and the chance for your kids to learn about and enjoy nature.


The country life is one that inspires creativity, activity and a sense of peace.


You might be concerned about FINANCING a country home. Or perhaps you worry about being TOO FAR from schools and your social life. Or it could be that you are unsure about taking on the extra work that comes with MAINTAINING a larger property.


That's where we come in - WE'RE HERE TO HELP!  


The Country Home Guide is a great tool to get you started


Downloading the guide connects us to you and that's where the magic happens. 

We'll take you on country living tours to help you figure out what type of country property is most ideal for you.  Provide relevant country living articles (sorry no crafts or celebrity articles here). Offer annual price reports on rural homes and guide you through much, much more!


This is all aimed at getting you living the right country life for you.

You don't know us (YET), but we love everything about country living.

You can read more about us in the Guide. How we started out with real estate investors and what lead us to Country Homes, Equestrian Properties & Small Farms.

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